ada clearcryl series

clearcrylc banner-01-01

The ada clearcryl series is a 1⁄8″ compression molded clear acrylic. This one–piece construction also includes 1⁄32″ raised text and braille that are one with the sign, making it vandal resistant. Thermally formed, subsurface printed (UV ink) and painted, this series combines the durability of molded acrylic with the aesthetic possibilities of second surface color


  • Characters are a minimum of 5/8″ in height
  • High color contrast
  • Non-glare finished surface
  • Radius or square corners
  • One–piece construction making signs vandal resistant
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Markets most often used in:
    • Business
    • Commercial
    • Public
    • Educational
    • Hospitality
    • Governmental